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An Unmatched Excellence

  • Long term quality solutions
  • Society & community development
  • Keeping stake holders focused

Real Estate

SPK Real Estate Group is a name synonymous with construction expertise.

Gems Schools

SPK GEMS SCHOOLS have a receptive and supportive environment for learning

Environmental welfare

Activities and resources to enhance & promote the environment as well as social welfare

About us

Change the way but
never the goal

Difference is not just a word; it's the one aspect that lies at the very core of our business, fuels our thoughts, drives our decisions and strengthens our actions. We are a group built on the idea that "small things do matter" and we have found big inspirations in the smallest of details.

Get to know about our Excellence!

Leading the Way


Dr. Er. P. Sengodan

Dr. Er. P. Sengodan took up the post of the correspondent of SPK schools, Tiruchengode, but it was in 1984 that Dr.Er. P. Sengodan started the SPK Real Estate, thus beginning the prologue of SPK entrepreneurship. SPK bore wells was launched in 1986, the service was well known and contracts across India were undertaken.

Er.Dr. A.S. Prabu

Er.Dr.A.S. Prabukumar shares the same vision and determination as his father. While his father has employed traditional methods in business, Er.Dr. A.S Prabu with comprehensive knowledge in business strategies has helped streamline company processes and bring in initiatives that help iron out any wrinkles in performance.

SPK Groups

In the last 30 years, The SPK group has been involved in many events and have been in the news as well. Our schools have been recognized for archery at the state and national level. The school was also recognized in the traditional weapon based Indian martial arts called Silambam and in its scouts and guides programs.

Why SPK Groups

At SPK, we believe that in order to achieving the optimum comfort and effectiveness at the workplace or at the institutions promoted, there has to be given adequate thought to each and every facet of work, which also comprises Health and Safety.