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Dr. Er. P.Sengodan

Dr.Er. P. Sengodan, is a visionary. It was in 2003 after voluntarily retirement service that Dr. Er. P. Sengodan took up the post of the correspondent of SPK schools, Tiruchengode, but it was in 1984 that Dr.Er. P. Sengodan started the SPK Real Estate, thus beginning the prologue of SPK entrepreneurship. SPK bore wells was launched in 1986, the service was well known and contracts across India were undertaken.

It was the realization and desire to see members of his home town be successful that he began the matriculation and CBSE schools. He believed that with the right facilities, and proper teaching methods, even a tier two city as Tiruchengode could offer brilliant minds to this world. His dedication to achieving this dream still knows no bounds and today the SPK matriculation higher secondary school(MHSS) is ranked among the top 10 in the state.

Very few men fit the shoes of a person concerned about social issues and do something about it, Dr. Er. P. Sengodan is one of them. He has offered 180 students free education between 2009 -2014. He also has made many donations to help the public. He also has published motile articles to help teachers, students and parents.

Dr. Er. P. Sengodan is a man of few words and a lot of actions. He believes in hard work and dedication and respects those he sees it in. His words as a leader inspires this group each and every day, "Man should not do wrong things for any reason, even if the "CREATOR" asks you to do so and there is no substitute for hard work".

Dr. Er. A. S. Prabu

Dr.Er.A.S.Prabu shares the same vision and determination as his father. While his father has employed traditional methods in business, Dr.Er.A.S.Prabu with comprehensive knowledge in business strategies has helped streamline company processes and bring in initiatives that help iron out any wrinkles in performance.

Lead by example, that's the A.S. Prabu way. He focuses on boosting the group's visibility and image and it begins with him, after all he is the new face of SPK group. He prefers the formal western wear and his approach towards issues and initiatives are based on his training he received during his education abroad. He refuses to stray away from the traditional methods of business, but he insists that modern concepts need to be integrated with the existing culture to be able to compete effectively.

Dr.Er.A.S.Prabu has initiated industry best practices that today have become a way of life in the group. He also looks into comprehensive corporate and service training methods that would help all personnel within each subsidiary perform better and grow individually too. He holds regular meeting with them and understanding their area of struggle.

Just as his father, Dr.Er.A.S.Prabu believes in hard work and continues to strive to take the SPK group to greater heights and distances with ethics, moral and determination.

Dr.Er.A.S.Prabu has developed the concept of S.M.A.R.T business that has allowed SPK create an impeccable reputation for quality and highest level of service. The model has helped all members create clear and achievable goals that are relevant and accomplished on time. It has allowed the group and its subsidiaries concentrate in making its services Simple, Meaningful, Affable, Regional and Technical. Every decision in the SPK group is made to meet the expectations of these 5 terms.