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Who we are?

Difference is not just a word; it's the one aspect that lies at the very core of our business, fuels our thoughts, drives our decisions and strengthens our actions. We are a group built on the idea that "small things do matter" and we have found big inspirations in the smallest of details.

The group and its subsidiaries have always encouraged the spirit of patriotism. This nationalism feel shows through the nation's tri colors used in the SPK logo. It does not stop there, as a mature and responsible employer; we know it is important to give back into the society that we operate within. The Sengodan Prabu Kumar group comprises of operations in two sectors.

  • Real estate
  • Education
  • Environmental welfare

As a real estate company, we have set up base in Tiruchengode, Namakkal Dt. and over the years have created numerous job opportunities for many in the state. We have undertaken projects across Tamil Nadu, from Avinashi, Gobi, Komarapalayam to Salem dist. Erode to Perundurai, Nammakal and Tiruchengode. We have projects in Vemmandampalayam and other parts of state as well.

We believe, in creating the same opportunity window for the children in rural India as children in a tier one city. We do that by providing them the best education possible. We know that talent will always find an audience and SPK Matriculation Higher Secondary School (MHSS) and Srri SPK Public School under the astute leadership of Mr. P.SENGODAN and the SPK Educational Trust are today nurturing new talent for India's tomorrow.

Over the years, we have achieved operational excellence and maintained a good record of accomplishment in our businesses. This has been largely due to our very own business model that has helped us meet the needs of both our traditional and contemporary clients.

Er.Dr. A.S.Prabu along with his father Dr.Er.P.Sengodan now spearheads the group. Er.Dr.A.S. Prabukumar has made a huge difference in the groups approach towards the fluctuating business environment that it functions in, through his entrepreneurial spirit and strategic business ideas and thinking. He integrates modern day management business methodologies to the traditional business strategies developed by his father and together they have managed to court the attention from many the past few years. The father son duo begin with the name of the group "SPK - Sengodan Prabu Kumar".