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Corportae Governance

At SPK, we make sure that the management; senior staff and employees are committed to a code of conduct that ensures integrity and proper ethics in all that is done. Each individual is expected to keep to the code by adhering to the following principles.


Directors, senior staff and employees shall see to it that their actions stand in line with the conduct of business and is completely transparent except wherein there is a business security requirement that impose otherwise. The practice shall be made possible through processes, proper division of work and proper documentation.

Discord of Interest

Directors, senior staff and employees should ensure that their personal interest do not conflict with that of the organization. If there exist any, these should be reported to the top management for an appropriate action.


Directors, senior staff and employees will ensure that no data or information that is understood and made known as classified shall be shared. Information to the press and public will only be done after approval from the management.

Misuse of Property

Directors, senior staff and employees will not misuse company property and ensure that all company & School property within their responsibility is carefully kept and well maintained.